What is AgentFinancial.com all about?

We have a unique approach to tax and financial strategy, built upon our core values.

  • All aspects of financial strategy – tax planning, investing, financial planning – are interconnected, demanding an integrated approach.
  • There are no financial absolutes. You have a unique financial profile, deserving of tailored solutions.
  • Financial services are distinct from financial products. Products are sold; services are provided. Products are mass-marketed; services are tailored.
  • There is no substitute for true due diligence and original research, whether you’re considering an investment or tax strategy.
  • You are the ultimate steward of your financial plan and should never subordinate your judgement to anyone else’s.
  • We welcome questions and suggestions from our clients. Always.

Who is our ideal client?

Our ideal clients share our core values and appreciate our approach. They aim to understand the factors that impact their finances and educate themselves about those. We are able to deliver the greatest value to real estate professionals, including real estate agents, real estate brokers, and real estate property managers. Real estate pros are entrepreneurs possessing financial skills that create unique financial opportunities – not well-served by traditional approaches – and we can help them maximize their outcomes.

Should we work together?

If you’re a real estate pro that shares our passion for innovation, analysis & precision and value working with professionals that deliver all that, we might be a great fit. If you appreciate a consultative and collaborative relationship with your tax pro, we’d love to connect to see if we’re well-matched.

To find out more, just click the button below and a team-member will be in touch shortly.